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Engage us to exact revenge on people who have done you wrong, why get mad when you can get even. We've had clients engage us to get rid of a competitor at work, a love rival, an ex, a spouse who has cheated, a backstabbing friends and a horrible boss. Rest assured that your identity is never divulged.

We are not a pranking service, no glitter bombs or sh*t in the mail here. We will get them arrested, jailed or even killed. We will ruin their lives permanently. If you are looking for a simple pranking service, you best look elsewhere. If your situation warrants our services, we stand ready to help.

We operate mainly in Asia (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, & Japan) but we can get the same accomplished elsewhere, contact us for a quote today.


  • Hacking
  • Social Engineering


  • Everything it takes to get the job done

    Previous clients

    2010 – Present

    We operate differently for each case. Think of it, if we did the same thing for each case which came along it would be easier for someone to catch on. We devise a custom made plan of revenge. This can range anywhere from getting the person infected with HIV, cultivating cancers in them, getting them registered as sex offenders or worse. Yes we have had someone executed, recently..


  • Maim
  • US$3,500
  • Starter package
  • Physical hurt or discomfort
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  • Suffer
  • US$7,500
  • Intermediate package
  • Lifelong suffering
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  • Eliminate
  • US$20,000
  • Professional package
  • rm - rf
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Package: Maim/Suffer/Eliminate

Targets we will not go after. Minors under 18+
*Celebrities and politicians will incur additional fees.